Q, What lightbulbs can I use with your Beeswax Candle Covers?
A. A 25 watt bulb is the strongest we recommend for candle covers and pillar candle covers however, for beeswax Nuance Pillars, the most we recommend is 15 watts. All cover should be used without enclosures such as glass lanterns have.
Q. Do you make your own products?
A. Yes, we've been making beeswax products now for 16 years and we've been making our "Poured Stone" resin products for 4 years.. We've been beekeepers and producers of raw natural honey for over 20 years.
Q. Do I have to pay tax?
A. Tax will only be collected from individuals who reside in California. Businesses in Calif. will not be charged tax so long as a resale card is submitted prior to the first sale. Individuals and businesses outside California will not be charged tax.
Q. Do you offer discounts to businesses?
A. Yes, we offer wholesale pricing to businesses such as distributors, manufacturers, showrooms, retail outfits and designers. Businesses should call or E-mail us for wholesale pricelists. Click on the "Contact Us" button above.
Q. How quickly do you ship?
A. We make all our parts to order. Private orders tend to be smaller and usually ship within 2 to 3 business days. Commercial orders usually take longer, depending on their size, from 1 to 2 weeks.
Q. Do you accept rush orders?
A. Yes. We take rush orders very seriously and there is never an upcharge.
Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
A. We accept personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and credit card payments. Our on-line site is set-up to accept PayPal and credit cards, but if another pmt method is desired, simply call or E-mail us and we will accomodate you. Businesses must fill out a credit application and upon approval, will be offered 30 day terms.
Q. Do you make custom colors or sizes?
A. Absolutely. For beeswax,we have the ability to make diameters up to 6", and lengths up to 21" and can match any color under the sun. We can also provide just about any size interior tubing as well. Please note; custom parts cannot be returned.
Q. Are any of your parts easy to cut?
A. We can only recommend cutting the beeswax candlecovers. You can do this with a simple razor blade and a steady hand. We do not recommend you cut anything in our pillar or hollow pillar line.
Q. What is your return policy?
A. Our return policy is very simple; If , for whatever reason, you're not satisfied with our product, simply return it and we will grant you a full refund less shipping and handling costs. Please note: Custom parts cannot be returned.
Q. How do I determine what size candlecover I need?
Q. How easy would it be to switch out an old socket?
A. First you must remove any existing candlecover from your lighting fixture, then measure the socket's diameter across the top. If the dia is 3/4" then your size would be candelabra. If it measures just under 1-1/4" ; your size is standard Edison base.
A. Switching out an old socket is a good idea if you're changing the look of your fixture or if you suspect the socket to be bad. First of all, turn off the breaker switch to your fixture. Next slip off the existing cover to expose the wire and their connection to the socket (usually 2 screws). Using a screwdriver, unsrew the 2 screws and remove both wire leads. Next, unscrew the socket by turning counter clock-wise. Using your new socket, reverse the entire process.
Q. Do you sell or share any of our information with other agencies?
A. No. We realize how important it is to protect information, especially in todays mix of on-line criminal activity. Your information is always kept safely here with us.
Q. How can we contact you directly?
A. Simply
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Q. What's the difference between Nuance Pillars and regular Pillars?
A. The difference is simple. We offer both types (Nuance and Pillar) in beeswax.The regular pillars are designed to have the socket go all the way through so that the lightbulb peeks out from above and you actually see the bulb. Our Nuance Pillar line is completely hollow and is designed to have a lightbulb shine from within, giving the appearance of a candle that has burned for hours or possibly days. Please see our highest wattage recommendations for each one on their respective page.
Q. We've noticed your prices are quite reasonable and seem to be lower than your competitors. Are we sacrificing
A. Absolutely not. Our prices reflect what we believe is an honest profit on our behalf. One specific reason we're able to offer such low pricing, especially in our beeswax line has to do with ownership of our own apiaries. We own and operate our very own bee colonies so therefore we produce our own beeswax. We have no need to count on outside sourcing and risk receiving beeswax laced with pesticide or even worse, Chinese beeswax which is highly contaminated with foreign chemicals. This has allowed us to control the quality of our beeswax and we guarantee you will be receiving the highest quality beeswax available in The US.
Furthermore, we also believe the quality of our parts are second to none. For the past 18 years, through trial and error, we have developed an outstanding product that will maintain its color, texture and quality and will give you service for many, many years.
If you have a question that hasn't been addressed here, simply email or call us with your
qusetion. We'll be more than happy to spend some time with you until your question is fully